Queen's Waist Beads

Waist beads have ancient origins. They have been worn by our ancestors throughout the ages. They are draped around the waist below the navel, underneath the clothing. They are given as gifts for yourself, for young girls entering into womanhood, brides to be, as well as mature women of any age or size. They symbolize spiritual well being, royalty, self love, self awareness and modesty as they are only to be seen by the wearer and her King or Consort. These sacred beads are also helpful in maintaining a fit waistline. The beads will rise higher if weight increases and will drop lower if weight decreases.  As an symbol of health, wealth, devotion and adornment of the temple, your waist beads are sure to be an expression of the healing self love you deserve. Our beautiful waist beads collection has been created to accentuate a Queen's beauty, divine femininity and rich cultural heritage while addressing the base Chakra, which, when in balance, nurtures healthy chi and heightened self awareness.

In addition to stillness and deep breathing, our Magnetic Hematite Waist Beads can assist with balancing the Root Chakra's energy while soothing any discomforts associated with the moon cycle as well as relieving pressure or tension during ovulation. 

Beads are made of glass or natural stones on Kemetic cotton or linen cord. 

We are also happy to fulfill your requests for your own unique and fully customized design ideas!